Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Latin America Area Retreat NEWS!

We just got back from Mexico where we had the joy of leading a team of 26 youth pastors, ministering to 400 mission kids and their families from across Latin America.

There are too many stories to share and much to praise God for:

We saw kids connect with each other in the safety of small groups as fellow TCK's--sharing each other's burdens and celebrating joys... We saw redemptive relationships formed between youth leaders and MKs... We experienced sweet seasons of prayer and worship as believers connected across continents and countries... We saw kids grow through effective teaching and application of God's Word... We shared in the sorrows and struggles of those wounded in the line of fire... We saw God deliver his people from vehicle accidents, rip tides, and hurricanes... We counseled and encouraged many parents wrestling to love and lead their MKs through adolescence and the TCK experience... We saw new ministry avenues open up to speak into the lives of college and 20-something Mks and see them catch a kingdom vision...

Thanks for praying for us and partnering with us in this ministry! 

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With much love,

The Larsen family