Monday, November 10, 2008

Bulgaria, November '08

I'm writing from an internet cafe in Velingrad, Bulgaria. About 25 missionary leaders from across eastern and western europe have gathered here for a Leadership Training Conference. My purpose in coming is to cast the vision of the Global Youth and Family Ministry, build relationships, network with leaders, understand needs, and explore opportunities to launch Global Youth and Family Institute sites in strategic areas in Europe. We want to equip the church to reach the next generation here in Europe by providing youth ministry training for missionaries, local leaders and indigenous churches. Please be praying for this important week! There is so much need in Eastern and Western Europe. Many are discouraged by little visible fruit. It is tough soil for sowing the Gospel. But while the seeds planted may be small and few, our Lord reminds us the kingdom is like the tiniest mustard seed which grows to become the largest of trees. Join us in asking the Lord of the Harvest to raise up workers for His harvest field: those called to reaching the nations and the next generation!