Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bogota, Colombia

Global youth culture is alive and well in Bogota, Colombia. And churches are struggling with how to engage. But God is raising up many pastors, leaders and parents who are prayerfully seeking wisdom in passing the baton of faith to the next generation.

It was my privilege to spend time encouraging students and leaders alike: counseling, consulting, training, and praying together over the eight days I was there.

My faith and confidence in God's work in and through His church grew as I encountered men like Javier and Daniel. These two Bogotano pastors are leading a church planting movement and seminary fueling renewal in the city. They described to me the growing disconnect between the church and the young people of Bogota, and the many challenges that young Bogotanos face.

For instance, many youth feel so disconnected with adults and so defeated by the residual fear and oppression of the terror stricken culture, that every year 100's of kids participate in mass suicide. Even more tragic: none of these kids are personally and physically in relationship with each other. The suicides are orchestrated through online "cultures" or communities, and kids are found dead across the city--alone in their rooms in front of their computers.

Kids are desperate the world over. Where are the adults who will personally pursue them and enter their world of hurt and confusion with the hope of the gospel? Please continue to pray with us that God will raise up a generation of leaders to reach this lost generation.

Thank you for supporting and sending us in the call to "Reach the Nations and the Next Generation".

Razor wire and graffiti: youth culture against the backdrop of terror

El Camino Academy: teacher training and speaking in chapel services

Speaking to the youth group of United Church of Bogota

Training Colombian church planters and seminary students

Parent/ teen seminar

Preaching at United Church

New friends